Resonance Books {18 Books} in Chengannur, Kerala for sale

Resonance Books {18 Books}

Resonance book of :
Organic chemistry [XI,XII]
Inorganic chemistry [XI,XII]
Physical chemistry [XI,XII]
Waves, fluids and properties of matter [XI]
Mechanics vol:1 [XI]
Mechanics vol:2 [XI]
Heat and Thermodynamics [XI]
Semiconductors, Electromagnetic waves and communication
system [ XII]
Optics [XII]
Electrodynamics [XII]
Modern physics [XII]
Botany [XI, XII]
Zoology [XI, XII]
Chemistry (qualitative analysis) {target: NEET}
Books were in good condition, no scribbilings were done.
[Added photo of one of the book]

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